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Experience and professionalism are the factors why our customers have trusted us for more than 25 years. We manage other people's money, so our aims are good management and fair value of our services; that is why our motto is "Real solutions for your Community".

ADMIBURGOS is a company that manages properties for over 17,000 customers, many of them in Resorts, Golf Courses, Real State Complex, Communities of Owners, Shopping Centres, Communities of garages, buildings VPO.

We offer a wide range of services and includes all the areas which may relate to a Community, such as financial situation, our own Legal Advisory Service, maintenance, periodical inspections, technical reports of building faults, tenders for contractors, even pest control: insects, rats, etc.
Everything has one goal, you can forget about the Community matters as soon as you arrive at your property.

ADMIBURGOS | Owners Management Communities ADMIBURGOS | Owners Management Communities

25th Anniversary

List of services offered by ADMIBURGOS for communities of property owners, resorts, real state complex and shopping centres.

With ADMIBURGOS You forget the problems to focus on what interests you.

Some of our Services;

  • Registration and constitution of the Community.
  • Creation of Community Rules and Regulations.
  • Summons and organization of as many general meetings.
  • Quick response to reports of breakdowns or damage.
  • Previous requests for quotes for all services.
  • Issuing and sending payment requests to all owners.
  • Claim of all outstanding payments from owners in arrears with the community.
  • Administration and handling of job contracts, salaries and social security.
  • Accountancy of the Community income and expenditure.
  • Legal services for legal action against debtors.
  • Study of systems of passive security.
  • Offers an e-box service for its Communities.
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We aim at giving a service based on confidence, closeness and professionalism, and we look for maximizing the resources available in the Communities, in other words, that our customers receive a quality in service which is in keeping with the community fees they pay for.

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